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A visit to the battlefield.

A lot of tension. Some action. A whole load of effort. A plenty of gore. Powerful sounds. And of course SKILLZ. You've combined these ingredients and managed to make this. A masterpiece.

You've shown us war's real face, and it's UGLY. You've illustrated the lack of rules, the despair, the pain. You even made me feel bad for a cartoon character, the man that had his body blown off below the waist.

Watching this is exciting. It's possible to FEEL the atmosphere that you've built in there. That's what makes this beatiful.

And that beauty earned your animation the honour to have my very first review.

I'll be expecting more from you.

Falco-09 responds:

Thanks man, your words are inspiring, im glad you liked it.

It sure was a lot of work and effort, but at the same time was a lot of fun, principaly because in every scene i was learning new things.

Im glad you took the time to write a review, thanks.

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All The Things I'll Say:

Absolutely fantastic singing right there, very catchy and clear. Your girlfriend must have loved it.

In my opinion, this song would be especially fitting for endings of lengthy, 'realistic' flash animations. It could roll very nicely with the credits. I can already see this in my mind.

Your song is going directly into my MP3 player right now, as you sound better than half of the singers of this sort of music there, and I see no reason for not giving your masterpiece ten stars.

Very nice.

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jnry3 responds:

Thank you for the very heartwarming review, five and ten! ^_^

It's a beatiful song.

I have almost no experience at all about making music or rating it, so I really can't comment on such things as "melody" or "rhyme". But overall, to me, this sounds like a decent song to be used in a dramatic situation of almost any kind. It begins nicely, but ends so suddenly, like hitting a brick wall. The instruments you chose were just right and the quality of the sound was good.

I hope that my animation does justice to your music.

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